Leasing Services

Leasing is an integral part of an asset financing structure and lease agreements generally take the form of written contracts that specifically lay down the various terms and conditions of the lease transaction. Such terms and conditions include the period the equipment is to be used, the amount and timing of the lease payments, the specification of the equipment leased and any end-of-term conditions.


  • The opportunity to preserve cash or working capital for investments in other projects instead of tying them up in the acquisition of assets. This is further reinforced with the possibility of obtaining 100% financing together with a close partnership to structure asset finance solutions to meet your cash flow needs.
  • Attractive debenture schemes. We create opportunities for you, the client, to further invest your preserved cash in our very attractive debenture schemes.
  • As experts in the business of leasing, Dölberg Asset Finance offers you protection against interest rate fluctuations, by fixing the rentals during the tenure of the lease. This proposal acts as a hedging mechanism against inflation.
  • Dölberg Asset Finance has a lean structure and therefore has the reputation of delivering excellent customer service and fast response and turnaround time, through our proximity and flexibility.

Dölberg Asset Finance offers the following leasing options:

  • Finance Leases: they normally have a term equal to or greater than 12 months by which all the risks and rewards of ownership are transferred to the client (the lessee);
  • Operating Leases: as above but it may be for a period of less or greater than 12 months; and
  • Sale and Lease-back: a structure that allows the owner of an asset to sell that asset to the leasing company (the lessor) and simultaneously lease it back from that same lessor.

To apply for a lease :

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