Dölberg can facilitate asset rental solutions on a wide range of moveable and specialised assets, where a company can benefit from renting rather than purchasing business equipment. The advantage to customers is that cash flow improves, due to the fact that capital is not required for the acquisition of assets. Dölberg therefore maximizes efficient returns of the specific assets that are rented.

Dölberg sees asset rental as an opportunity that provides technology and innovation to its customers, therefore assisting them with modern business solutions, while focusing on growth. We transfer only the right to use the equipment to the lessee and at the end of the period the lessee returns the equipment to Dölberg. Consequently, the lessee does not assume the risk of ownership. Furthermore, the lease or rental expense is treated as an operating cost in the income statement and the asset does not have to be accounted for in the balance sheet i.e. off-balance sheet financing.